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If you are getting few responses when you send out your résumé or if the responses you receive are for jobs beneath your capabilities, then it is likely that your résumé could be improved. Don’t wait for weeks without a job before you do something about it.

Employers receive 300 - 400 resumes per day - ensure that YOUR resume gets noticed.
Our consultants have worked in recruitment agencies and know what to look for.

You already have a resume but would like a professional assessment on its strengths, weaknesses, and specific areas to improve. We provide a detailed critique of your resume & cover letter with advice and suggestions for improvement. Our analysis covers problem areas, appearance, layout, content, writing style, cover letter, overall marketability, and other points. Given in an easy to read format, it also includes narrative with specific suggestions.

We don't try to trick you by promising a 'free' critique and then use it as a tool to sell you high priced writing services, instead our critique is a fairly priced stand alone service that offers you an unbiased evaluation. Our reviewers can help you avoid making common mistakes that could cost you the interview. We give you that important second opinion.

How does the process work?

Getting your resume critiqued is a quick and easy process:

resume review - step 1 Pay for the service

resume critique - step 2 Email your resume to us

resume critique - step 3 Results are emailed to you in about 1 - 2 days

109 point Resume Critique & 28 point Cover Letter Critique

Highly affordable at $16


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