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Resume Scorecard has more favourable prices for a more comprehensive critique.



Resume Scorecard's resume service $20 - $35 $189-549 $95-235 $99 for resume
$45 for cover letter $195-390
'free' critiques by resume writing services They usually try to use the critique to get you to buy writing services that can cost up to $700 at some places

The problem with ‘Free’ critiques

There are some resume services offering free critiques. It sounds like a great deal, but remember that resume-writing services have to generate income to stay in business. At some point their 'free' services have to result in paid work. How can a free critique ever be an unbiased, independent appraisal of the resume when the ultimate goal is to convert the ‘free’ client into a ‘paying’ client. And their fees are higher in the end - at sites like resume development fees range from $250 to $340, depending on the level of complexity of the project.  Our critique is only $20, editing is $25, and writing is $35.  

Resume Scorecard’s goal is not to find fault with resumes so as to sell additional services to a client, but to provide an honest, unbiased, independent appraisal of your resume. We point out weaknesses to you and we also point out the strengths of the resume. This is less likely to happen with a critique done for free than with a critique done by someone who is paid fairly for their work. With free critiques, how do you know for sure that in the end you are not being sold services you don't need? Will you be told that your resume has serious defects when it really doesn't – just so that you might pay them to rewrite your resume?  It's hard to know but it is more likely to happen when the goal of the critique is to generate additional paid work.   Resume Scorecard on the other hand, only does critiques and will not try to sell you writing services.

We also give you more than you can get from a free critique.  Our critiques always checks your resume against 109 different criteria, and we also check your cover letter against an additional 28 points. It's all conveniently presented in an easy to follow format and we also give you written recommendations, highlighting particular things to consider.

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