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Banner ads are not as effective as they used to be since some web sites are just plastered with useless links, and poor placement of banners can make them annoying. The solution to getting hard-earned visitors to click through to your associate links so that you can earn a commission can be to strategically place text links throughout the content of your web site.

A text link is simply a string of plain text strategically placed in the content of your web site that is coded with your associate ID and hyperlinked to the ResumeScorecard web site. These text links are not flashy and look like any other link.

For example, you could use something like:

If you're need help with resumes or any aspect of your job search, then we recommend you check out have a lot of useful resources and solutions for helping you!

In this paragraph, you will notice that there is no mention of the products or services being sold. You are merely giving the visitor some good advice.

Then, you can add 'Click to go there now' afterwards as a hyperlink coded with your associate ID.

Remember: Your job isn't to close the sale - you just want them to go to our site after they are done visiting yours. By giving a recommendation like the example above you establish greater credibility for the link.

Creating text links on your web site should be one of the first steps you take when featuring ResumeScorecard. Text links are easy to set up and often they can be more effective than banner ads.


The banners that we have designed for our associates have been extensively tested and tweaked. They have been proven to pull good click-through ratios!

But not all banner advertising works equally well which is why we are providing you with techniques to get the most out of your banner ads.

Remember, where a banner is placed is almost as important as what it says. The bigger the audience, the better the results so if your banner isn't positioned where 99% of your visitors can see it, it won't pull as many the click-throughs.

Try to place banners close to the top of your page and as few clicks away from your homepage as possible.


If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us
and our affiliates support staff will be happy to help!

Mike Lorton - Resume Scorecard Affiliates Program


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