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Former recruitment agency experts answer employment questions, candidly suggesting how to negotiate your salary, find a really good job, handle phone interviews, and more.

Sage advice like this is priceless.

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How do I get a job without much experience?

Deal with career dissatisfaction

Determine your current level of interviewing expertise

Some reasons for not getting a job offer

Factors that can cost you an interview

Signs your job is in trouble

Recognizing signs of job dissatisfaction

Work while you look for work

Tips for changing jobs?

Why do people stay in jobs they hate?

Making a successful career change

More labor market myths

Credit checks by employers

Diverse experience on resume

Working from home

Why do so many firms employ temps

Tips for avoiding on the job boredom

What to do if the job ad says not to call

How should I approach my boss to ask for a raise?

Factors that determine your salary

Things to do before an interview

Job hunting myths

How to keep your skills sharp

Types of Interviews you might face

Key interview questions you should be ready to answer

How to promote yourself at work

Writing thank-you notes to employers

Try our Interview Quiz

Tips for first job success

Get Your company to pay for your course

Tips for job seekers attending career fairs

Can I benefit from resume services?

Job seeker 'netiquette'

Resume get you interviews but references provide the finishing touch

What is an Ascii format resume?

I've been laid off. What do I do now?

Tips on emailing your resume

Reference checks basics

Questions to Ask Potential Managers

Words Not to Include In Your Resume

Career Sabotage: The Influence of a Past Employer

How can I stand out from the crowd when replying to job ads?

Handling Illegal Interview Questions

Signs That It Is Time to Update Your Resume

How to Research Employers

Resume Key Words

Things To Avoid When Dealing With Recruiters

Turning A Bad Interview Around

Turning a Temporary Job Into a Permanent One

Letters of Reference

Strong References

Resumes Win Interviews, References Win Job Offers

Interviewing tip: What Not to Say in an Interview

A Portfolio Is Worth a Thousand Words

Leadership interview question: What would be a good way to handle questions about leadership qualities?

I've heard that it's easier to get a new job while you're still employed. Is this true

What is the best way to conduct a long distance job search from abroad?

I don't want to give my current employer as a reference. What do I do?

Should I apply for multiple job ads with the same company?

I was fired from my last position. What should I say if an interviewer asks why I left my former employer?

Job Search Tips for Senior Executives - Tapping Into The Hidden Job Market

What are Resume Distribution Services all about? Are they worth it?

Overcoming age bias

Job Search Strategy: Broaden Your Job Search

How can I overcome employment gaps in my work history?

How can I overcome the negative affect of my job hopping and get a higher-level position?

Do I need a resume makeover?

I sent out 500 resumes this past month, and I had no interviews. What am I doing wrong?

Interview Invitation Situation: Expecting a Call That Doesn't Come

Are resume services worth it?

Developing a good reputation at work

Acceptable gaps in employment

Calming interview jitters

What to do when you're overqualified for the job

Asserting your qualifications

Is it time to leave your employer?

Salaries - how little will you accept?

How to get a better bonus

Networking at parties

Networking objectives

Preparing for an informational interview

Salary negotiation issues

Tactics to get the hiring manager's attention

I am unfairly paid, what should I do?

How much time do I have to decide whether or to accept a job offer?

Is it OK to ask why the previous employee left the position?

Are “thank-you” letters important?

Be Aware of Non Verbal Cues

I discovered a typo in my cover letter after I sent it. What should I do?

Are cover letters important?

How do I make a good resume?

How can I stand out in an interview?


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