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Although many job seekers get help by purchasing resume services, some will try to create their own resume. If that's you then here are just some basic pointers to help you. Remember there is a big differences between a "strong" resume and an "ok" resume.

Formatting and presentation help the reader pick out those key points:

Readers typically scan a resume before deciding whether to devote more time to it. So just as you would want to make a good first impression at an interview you also want to create a strong impression at first glance with your resume.

a) Choose an appropriate format that will emphasize you ability to do the job. If you have experience, use a chronological resume. If you are new to the field then perhaps consider the functional/combination resume.

b) Make sure there are no errors: use spell check and also have someone review your resume afterwards too.
c) Be consistent with your presentation and formatting.

Avoid the most common errors in resume writing:

Make sure you understand what items do not belong in a resume:
a) Use active language and avoid "I", "me" or "my" statements. Similarly avoid words like "responsible for" and "duties included."

b) Do not include personal info like age, health, marriage/family status (Employers will toss your resume away because they don't want to be accused of hiring bias).
c) Don't include photographs (unless you are a model or actor).
d) Do not include a list of references. This is best available on request.

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