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Career Advice

Former recruitment agency experts answer employment questions, candidly suggesting how to negotiate your salary, find a really good job, handle phone interviews, and more.

Sage advice like this is priceless.


Cover Letter General Advice

Employers pay more attention to targeted, personalized cover letters than to form letters. A cover letter is a business letters that should both inform and entice prospective employers. Far too many job seekers follow outdated cover letter writing rules and as a result, write generic, long, boring. hard-to-read, ineffective letters.


Make yours stands out from crowd. Give the reader a reason to read the attached resume. So here are some simple rules:

Research each employer before writing each tailored cover letter then focus on what the employer's wants and needs.  Present yourself as a problem solver that can help them out.

Take the time to find the name of the hiring authority and then write to that actual person.  

Answer these questions: i) what job are you applying for? ii) what is your current situation?, iii) why do you want to work for them?, and iv) what are your key qualifications as it relates to this position?

Keep it short and to the point by using paragraphs with short, direct sentences while following a business letter format. Don't use long, rambling sentences that make your letter hard to read.

Avoid overly formal language with 'big' words that you don't normally use in everyday conversation.

Show energy and a desire to work for the employer.

Don't simply repeat what is on the resume. Summarize, explain, and expand. Answer the unspoken questions.


Don't overuse "I" or "me." Use variety in your writing style.


Use hypnosis to help boost confidence at interviews, and more


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