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Coming to work sick

Working extra hours:

Employees who feel pressure to work extra hours, or to come in when they are sick, or skip their lunch hour, etc., will often find that this hurts their morale.

Employers often focus on the effort rather than the results of one's work. One employee may need the entire day to complete a particular project while another needs only half a day to do the same thing. Yet the employee who works the longer hours is often seen as the more dedicated employee, even though the employee who finishes faster (with the same quality of work) can actually makes more money and uses less of the company resources!

Working while sick:

It costs the company money when an employee calls in sick but it can also cost them when an employee comes to work while sick! First of all the quality of their work simply will not be as good as when they feel well. A sick employee will often work at a slower rate. A sick employee is likely to make more mistakes (which take time to correct later). A sick employee can also exposes the other employees to contagious illnesses (thus causing them to become ill, miss work, or decrease their productivity).

So do what's best for both the company and yourself and take the day off if you are sick.


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